Cleaning crew in the spotlight, 'without them, no education'.

Gom cleaning crew

We often take it for granted, but how good is it when your desk or toilet is fresh and clean? Thursday 15 June is national Thank Your Cleaner Day. On this day, we put the staff in the spotlight who work hard to keep our campus clean and tidy, because they are essential. So if you spot one of the cleaners, make sure to give them some extra appreciation and thank them for their efforts!

One hundred cleaners a day

Cleaning at EUR is taken care of by cleaning company Gom. No fewer than 100 cleaners work on our campus every day, cleaning over 215,679 square metres of surface area! They not only do regular cleaning in the buildings, but also keep the outside grounds clean, maintain the floors, fight pests, wash the windows and replenish sanitary facilities (think toilet paper and towel rolls). Most challenging for them to clean are the toilets and lecture rooms.

Kelly Bastist (RE&F)

'Cleaning is a profession'

That should be appreciated. The cleaners are essential on campus, because without them there could be no education and research either.

Kelly Batist

Proud of the team

Kelly Batist, Process Coordinator Hospitality & Indoor Environment at Real Estate & Facilities, is proud of the team of cleaners: "Cleaning is a profession and that should be appreciated. That's why we're happy to put the cleaners in the spotlight on this day. I am proud of the team, they clean the campus every day and do so with great pleasure. They often work in the background, but their work is very important. Without the cleaners, there would be no education and research either!".

Did you know?
In 2022, Gom used around 5960 microfibre cloths and 590 bottles of descaler for daily campus cleaning!

Paulina RE&F

Here for a very long time

"Many of the cleaning staff have been working at Erasmus University Rotterdam for a very long time," Kelly Batist continues. "They see the campus as their second home". A good example of this is forewoman Paulina Neves Fernandes. On 1 July this year, she will have been working at EUR for no less than 30 years! 

On Thank Your Cleaner Day, let's show our appreciation to the Gom employees. If you see a cleaner, have a chat and let them know you are happy they're here!

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