Daphne van de Bongardt awarded with Erasmus Research Prize

This year’s winner of the Erasmus research prize is dr Daphne van de Bongardt. She is assistant professor at the Department of Psychology, Education & Child Studies (DPECS) since 2016. Her research focuses on understanding and promoting young people’s relational and sexual development. 
Erasmus University’s Research Prize is awarded to a member of Erasmus University  academic staff who has delivered an outstanding performance in the field of research.

The jury lauds Van de Bongardt for her research’s social impact and relevance and is very enthusiastic about its creative theme and the creative ways in which Dr Van de Bongardt collects data. In addition, the jury is appreciative of the extensive international network that she has managed to build up in a short period of time and the interdisciplinary character of her research and the associated publications.


Daphne van de Bongardt obtained a Master-of-Science-degrees in Sociology (2008) and Pedagogical and Educational Sciences (2011), 

Her current research line reflects her multi-disciplinary background, and focuses on biopsychosocial correlates of normative//risky//positive aspects of developmental patterns in adolescents' and young adults' romantic relations and sexuality, with a strong focus on different social contexts (i.e., families, peer relations, schools, media). In her studies, she utilizes multiple quantitative and qualitative research methods (e.g., longitudinal questionnaires, daily diaries, video-observations of dyadic interactions, semi-structured in-depth interviews, speed-dating, meta-analysis).

In 2017, she received a prestigious Veni-grant from NWO for her research project entitled “Lovely sex or sexy love?” In this new project, to be conducted in the next four years, she will investigate how relational and sexual developments are intertwined; within individuals (across time) and within young romantic couples.

She also regularly engages in media and broad audience activities.

The award ceremony takes place during the Opening Academic Year 2018-2019 at the Laurens Church. 

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Marjolein Kooistra, media relations ESSB, kooistra@essb.eur.nl 

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