Deliberate reflection: Applying an evidence-based innovation to the teaching of diagnostic reasoning in medicine and law

CLI Fellowship of Silvia Mamede
CLI - Silvia Mamede

The Community for Learning & Innovation (CLI) gives lecturers from Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) the opportunity to apply for a fellowship. With this fellowship, they research educational innovation, or carry out an educational project.
On this page you can read more about the CLI Fellowship of Silvia Mamede (EMC) about supporting students in navigating their social, professional and academic identities.

Teaching students effective problem-solving is a challenging task, particularly in domains characterized by ill-defined, complex problems such as medicine and law. Deliberate reflection (DR) seems the only cognitive intervention consistently improving such problem-solving in medicine. In DR students follow stepwise instructions to compare alternative diagnoses for a clinical case. This project examines how to best incorporate DR into existing curricula. The project investigates (1) effects of team-based relative to individual-based DR on medical students’ diagnostic performance and mental representations of disease knowledge; and (2) whether law students’ problem-solving performance also benefits from DR while practicing with cases. The findings will be used to draw practical recommendations on how to best use DR in higher education.

dr. Silvia Mamede
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