Development of new MOOCs at EUR

There is a great deal of momentum in the development of MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) at EUR. Since November 2015, three MOOCs have been launched on Coursera. Additionally, seven other MOOCs are currently under development.

Since November 2015, when the first EUR MOOC (ESE’s Econometrics) was launched, there has been rapid development of MOOCs at EUR. Currently, there are three EUR MOOCs live on Coursera:

In addition to these, there are seven new MOOCs under development

  • MOOC Tackling Global Challenges with Science (project management: EUC)
  • MOOC Pluralism in Economics (project management: ISS & RSM)
  • MOOC Health Business Administration (project management: Erasmus Centre for Health Care Management)
  • MOOC Local Economic Development (project management: ISS & IHS)
  • MOOC Philosophy, Politics and Economics (project management: FW)
  • MOOC Continental Philosophy and its History (project management: FW)
  • MOOC Basic Qualification Assessment (project management: Risbo)

With the development of MOOCs, EUR is creating international exposure for its education. These MOOCs allow students from all over the world to take part in EUR’s education free of charge. Furthermore, it is EUR’s ambition to use the MOOCs to further strengthen campus-based education

The development of MOOCs at EUR is supported by Kris Stabel, Marit Nieuwenhuys and Remy Fermont (all from Risbo), Pieter van Baarle, Ramon Bovenlander, Frans-Jonathan van der Stok and Pjotr van Baarle (all from the Media Support Centre) and Amanda Koopman (Marketing & Communications).

More information

More information on the development of MOOCs at EUR? Contact Gerard Baars (, project manager EUR online education subprogramme.

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