Digital tour with challenges on campus Woudestein, for everyone

Primary school children doing the digital campus challenge
Primary school children doing the digital campus challenge
Lotte Dale

"We believe that our university should be equally accessible to all talented young people, regardless of their background or their social or economic circumstances," - Chief Diversity Officer Semiha DenktaƟ. Our Academic Outreach Programme introduces primary and secondary school children to university at an early age through various activities. 

Popular activities for young children (ages 10-12) are the campus tour and the campus challenge, guided by our student ambassadors. The campus tour consists of a tour of our campus and answering questions at different locations. The campus challenge adds a few active tasks to the tour; participants can collect points in the process. Afterwards, the score of each team or participant is presented in an official online leaderboard. At the end of each school year, the person in first place receives a fun surprise.

This tour and challenge provide an accessible introduction to the university environment, introducing children to the physical environment (our campus), as well as vocabulary/terminology/stories surrounding the university and university life. Thus, we contribute to their knowledge about the university and increase their (future) sense of belonging.

The campus tour and challenge have recently been digitized - and were immediately used by enthusiastic children from S.V. Gio. "Thus, the university (campus) becomes accessible to everyone, at any time, in a way that suits new generations, and is in line with our university's mission of sustainability," said Rajiv Mahadew, City Engagement Officer.

Everyone can do the digital campus tour and challenge

By digitising the campus tour and campus challenge, we have made our university (campus) accessible to anyone, at any time. Anyone can access the tour and challenge, by scanning a QR-code at three physical campus maps at Campus Woudestein.

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