Discount on plant-based meals in Vitam restaurants great success

Ve Gan Do It!
Woman and man enjoy a vegan meal in the Vitam canteen.
Woman buys a vegan meal with a discount at the Vitam canteen.

Starting from 4 September EUR students, staff and visitors have been enjoying a generous reduction in the prices of plant-based warm meals at Vitam restaurants Etude and The Company located on campus Woudestein. Since the launch of this promotion, there has been a significant increase in the consumption of vegan meals.

As a result of the temporary offer, the number of vegan meal orders has increased four times. Data reveals that before the promotion in 2023, plant-based meals accounted for an average of 21% of Vitam’s sales. This number increased to 60% in September 2023. 

The Vegan meals at the Vitam canteens are temporarily available at a cheaper price.

Towards Vegan Campus by 2030 

The temporary promotion is in line with our university’s ambition to work towards a vegan campus in 2030. This ambition is part of our sustainability policy, in which reducing CO2 emissions plays an important role. By choosing a plant-based option, you are not only enjoying a meal that is good for your health, but you also reduce your own and the university’s carbon footprint. 

The goal of the temporary promotion is to lower the threshold to try vegan food and make more people acquainted with it. “I think the initiative of promoting sustainability by subsidising vegan meals is a step in the right direction.” says Rayan, student of International Bachelor Economics and Business Economics programme.

"I think the initiative of promoting sustainability by subsidising vegan meals is a step in the right direction"


International Bachelor Economics and Business Economics student

How does the offer work?

Have you ever wanted to try eating more sustainably but don’t know how to start? Or are you vegetarian or vegan yourself and looking for a warm meal on campus? You can try a discounted vegan meal on campus until 1 December. 

  • The plant-based, hot meals will cost only € 2,62 (instead of € 5,25), which means you receive a 50% discount.
  • The promotion is valid at Vitam restaurants Etude and The Company.
  • The offer only applies to plant-based, hot meals and not to other plant-based options, such as soup or sandwiches.
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