Discovering Erasmus University Rotterdam: Campus Hot Spots

Campus woudestein in summer
Campus Woudestein

Starting at a new university can be challenging, especially if you’re an international student and you still need to find your way on campus. One of our international students Nicole compiled a list of all the best places on campus. Take a look!

Mental & Physical Health

  1. The Living Room: At the heart of student life is the Living Room, a cozy and welcoming space where students gather to unwind, study, or catch up with friends. Located in the Langeveld building, this is the place to get a quick massage, play some board games, or play pool. Along with the Personal Support Hub, this hotspot provides students with all the important resources for their mental wellbeing.
  2. The Sports Building: For those looking to stay active, the Sports Building is the place for you. It's not just a gym; it offers a wide range of fitness classes ranging from zumba to power pump. Whether you're an aspiring athlete or just looking to stay fit, the Sports Building has something for everyone. Bonus Tip: stop by the Sports Cafe for an affordable snack or meal to recharge after an intense workout. 
  3. Tennis Courts: Using your Erasmus Sports card, you can also book one of the many tennis courts. Just rent a racket from the Sports Building (or bring your own) and get practicing! 
  4. Campus Garden: Located at one of the entrances of campus, the garden is full of edible plants; fruits, vegetables and herbs, all planted and maintained by students and staff. There are even bee houses to help with pollination. 

Study Spots & Education 

  1. Langeveld Building: Langeveld is EUR’s newest building. The Langeveld building is a testament to EUR's commitment to sustainability and innovation. This building was designed with green principles in mind, featuring energy-efficient systems and eco-friendly materials. This will soon become your favourite place to study.
  2. Polak: Also one of EUR’s newer buildings, Polak is the ideal space for group study sessions. With five floors of study spaces with one of them being dedicated to silent studying, you’re sure to find the spot for you. 
  3. Library: Your classic study space. This is a great place to spend the whole day studying, just don’t forget to check in and out of your spot when you arrive and leave.
  4. Erasmus Education Lab & Studio: Home of the Community for Learning & Innovation (CLI), the Education Lab offers regular workshops, training sessions, and lunch events. Also, you can use their recording studios to film or record and boost the quality of your next assignment. 

Food & Drinks 

  1. Food Plaza: Are you hungry yet? Then the Food Plaza is your next destination. With a variety of restaurants spanning different cuisines, this hotspot will keep you fed during your time at EUR. Whether you need an afternoon pick-me-up from Starbucks or grab a quick bite from Tosti World, the Food Plaza has got you covered. 
  2. Erasmus Paviljoen: Looking for a more formal dining experience on campus? Here you will find a more sit-down vibe where you can munch on delicious pizza, burgers, or flatbreads. 
  3. Café in de Smitse: Smitse is EUR’s student bar. This campus hotspot guarantees cheap drinks and yummy snacks. Another great feature is that all the bartenders are students just like you! 
  4. SPAR: EUR’s grocery store, SPAR is the best place to grab an affordable lunch or even grab some groceries on your way home. 
Placeholder Portrait IDEA Center

Dining experience at Erasmus Paviljoen

Get fit at Erasmus Sport building

Students walk up stairs in Langeveld Building.

Sustainable architecture of the Langeveld building

Student in library

Your classic study space Erasmus library

Inside view of the Polak building.

Five floors of study spaces in Polak building

Enter the Erasmus Sports building

Community for Learning & Innovation at the Education Lab

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