Erasmus Bridge: more famous than Giethoorn and Van Gogh

No tourist to the Netherlands will leave without having seen picturesque Giethoorn and the Van Gogh Museum. And of course they post photos of their visit on Instagram. Still, they seem to like the Erasmus Bridge better. Why do we dare to say that? Because the one and only Rotterdam landmark is Instagrammed more frequently!

Wouldn’t you want your family and friends to know what the Great Wall of China looks like once you’d finally set foot on it? Of course you would, and therefore you’d post a photo of yourself on it on Instagram. Similarly, the Chinese want to show their family and friends what the Rijksmuseum is like. And post a photo of themselves in front of it. Just as you’d pose for the obligatory photo next to Mickey Mouse if you visited Disneyland, so too will an American tourist next to Holle Bolle Gijs in de Efteling.

From Efteling to Dom Tower
Instagram is the photo album of the 21st century, which makes the platform an excellent barometer for the hottest tourist destinations around. So travel agency TravelBird decided to do a little test. They looked at how many times various Dutch popular attractions were hashtagged, and with those statistics created a ranking. Number one? The Efteling, with 228,368 tags. The Rijksmuseum, with some 3,000 tags less, lags behind only slightly. But then there’s a big surprise… Because the two front runners are not followed by big boys like Giethoorn, the Van Gogh Museum, or the Dom Tower, but by our own, dear Erasmus bridge

More Popular than Cambridge
Isn’t it great that foreigners love that bridge as much as we do? Even on a worldwide scale it’s quite famous. Even though it cannot beat Disneyland (first), the Eiffel Tower (second) or Times Square (eighth), being 118th on a list of 470 global tourist attractions is not bad at all. Better then Cambridge in any case, and just a little below the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in the US. And maybe, if we all massively Instagram ourselves on the Erasmus bridge from now on, it might make it into the top 100 next time. 

The complete list? Check it out here.

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