"Erasmus feels like home now."

Kamilla Dajani
Kamilla Dajani
Vera Bosch

Kamilla Dajani is originally from Jordan and studies International Bachelor Economics and Business Economics. Rotterdam has become like home to her.

"The first day I came here we already had a group chat with the class of my studies and there was this Dutch guy who asked whether someone wanted to hangout. I thought ‘why not? Let’s make some friends’. So, the guy came to campus on his bike and told me ‘hop on the back!’. We rarely ride bikes in Jordan, so I didn’t know what to do!’ says Kamilla Dajani laughing.

"There were not as many Dutch people on campus as I expected."

Originally from Jordan, but having roots in many other countries thanks to her parents’ international life, Kamilla decided to settle in Rotterdam for her bachelor in Economics and Business Economics (IBEB) last summer.

"The thing that surprised me most after I arrived at campus was that there were not that many Dutch people as I had expected. Also, a lot of people I met spoke English, even the ones from the Netherlands, while I thought I would be addressed in Dutch all the time. Our IBEB group is also really mixed with nationalities, there are 'Dutchies', Germans, Asians, basically everything, it’s nice."

Kamilla nuances: "But at the same time, we have the international programme and the Dutch programme, and those usually don’t mix, so I don’t really get to meet Dutch people outside of my major, while I actually came here to experience the Dutch culture and life. It makes it kind of feel like not the whole university but only the international majors, like IBEB, International Business Administration or International Bachelor Communication and Media are actually international and diverse. But in general, the people are very nice, I immediately felt welcome and, in the meantime, it feels like home now."

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