Erasmus School of Economics intensifies collaboration with Philosophy and iBMG

Erasmus School of Economics intensifies the collaboration with the Faculty of Philosophy and the Institute of Health Policy & Management (iBMG). The appointments of Jack Vromen, Werner Brouwer and Job van Exel intend to promote a renewal of the economic theories and models.

As of 1 March 2016, Professor Jack Vromen (Faculty of Philosophy, director of research at Erasmus Institute for Philosophy and Economics) and Professor Werner Brouwer (iBMG, Professor of Health Economics) are affiliated with Erasmus School of Economics (in addition to holding positions within their respective organisations). Dr Job van Exel (iBMG) is also be appointed as part-time endowed professor of Economics and Values at Erasmus School of Economics as of this date. Through these partnerships and appointments, Erasmus School of Economics hopes to develop a more in-depth programme in the research field of ‘human choice behaviour and decision-making processes’.

In his speech during the Opening of the Academic Year, Rector Magnificus Professor Huibert Pols <media 2118363>stressed</media> the importance of crossing boundaries, also within the walls of the university.

New research programme
Together with scientists from Erasmus School of Economics, Vromen, Brouwer and Van Exel will be participating in a new research programme that focuses on the development of a new system of ‘values’. The researchers’ aim within this programme is to explicitly connect the social (behaviour, culture, civic identity, history) and philosophical/theological dimensions (ethics, values, standards and meaning) with the economic paradigm.

Likewise, the appointment of Dr Job van Exel to the endowed chair of Economics and Values (0.4 fte) is in line with the ambition to increase iBMG’s contribution in the field of ‘human choice behaviour and decision-making processes’. Van Exel’s main research interests are what individuals consider of value and the role of values in the behaviour of organisations.

Connecting to social sciences and humanities
Health Economics and Behavioural Economics are key issues of research at Erasmus School of Economics. In addition, the School is working hard to further develop its Economics & Humanities programme. Making a more focused effort to connect to social sciences and humanities – while maintaining the School’s strong tradition within economics as a scientific discipline – will allow Erasmus School of Economics to expand its spectrum.

Research in the Economics & Humanities focuses on human choice behaviour and decision-making processes. Key themes within this programme are striking a balance between material economic growth (prosperity) and immaterial growth (well-being and happiness, welfare), the influences of values, standards and various motivations on economic action, the influence of market mechanisms on moral behaviour and the perception of opportunities and risks. One initiative in this field is the multi-disciplinary knowledge and expertise centre for happiness research (EHERO). This institute, which is jointly set up by Erasmus School of Economics, iBMG and the Faculty of Philosophy, specifically focuses on the subject of ‘well-being, happiness and welfare’.

Kirsten Rohde, Professor of Behavioral Economics at Erasmus School of Economics, thinks the close collaboration between the aforementioned parties within both theoretical and empirical research is of vital importance. "Brouwer, Van Exel, Vromen and I do research into the values which play a role in human choice behaviour and decision-making, each of us from a slightly different perspective. Collaboration leads to the formulation of new and supplemental conceptions and yield innovative insights into the decision-making process in individuals and organisations, which can be applied to economic and social issues. In addition, it allows us to study these insights’ possible implications for existing economic theories and models."

More information

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