Erasmus University launches sustainability award

J. Van Rijn

At the opening of the next academic year 2021-2022, Erasmus University will grant its first Sustainability Award. The award, sponsored by the EUR strategy office, celebrates those initiatives of the EUR community that have made or will make a significant impact to aid EURs sustainability goals.

With Strategy 2024, Erasmus University made the commitment to create a positive societal impact, and take responsibility for sustainable development. Our goal to become an eco-positive university which has sustainability embedded into its DNA can only be achieved the Erasmian way: through innovation, interdisciplinarity, inclusiveness, and co-creation with the EUR community. Therefore, we invite the EUR community to nominate a maximum of 2 candidates per faculty and 2 candidates of the Professional Services Community suitable for the Sustainability Award.


The Sustainability Award has a monetary value of a maximum of € 5,000 to be invested in the initiative. The winners will also receive a certificate of appreciation signed by the Rector Magnificus.


The Sustainability Award is awarded to a new or existing initiative created by students, student associations, staff, alumni, or young EUR start-ups, that has or will make a positive contribution to the sustainability of Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Submission criteria

For each nominated candidate one PDF document should be submitted which includes the following information:

  1. A letter of recommendation from the respective faculty dean, or director of Professional Services, which indicates the degree to which the initiative responds to the following criteria:
    • the initiative contributes to the visibility of EUR;
    • the initiative supports EUR’s sustainability goals;
    • the initiative aims for a clear sustainability impact;
    • the initiative fits the Erasmian Way of working (co-creative, innovative, interdisciplinary, outside-in, and/or inclusive);
    • the innovative ideas are applicable and scalable or replicable;
    • the innovative ideas leverage future-oriented initiatives as part of the EUR Strategy 2024.
  2. A description of the initiative of max. 4 pages, including motives, activities, collaborations, and realized or potential sustainability results.
  3. A concise plan (max. 2 pages) motivating how the prize money will be invested in the initiative including an elaborated budget.
More information

Nominations should be addressed to the Program Manager Sustainability (Mariecke van der Glas) and can be submitted digitally via The deadline for submission is Wednesday the 30th of June 2021. Please send one document in PDF per candidate.

Your nominations are greatly appreciated. If you have questions, please contact

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