Erasmus University Rotterdam launches the Dilemma Game app

Dilemma Game App - Afbeelding 2.0

Researchers do their work in an increasingly complex world. They are regularly faced with (new) dilemmas relating to research integrity. Erasmus University Rotterdam believes it is important for researchers, young and old, to be able to discuss dilemmas with each other in an open and safe environment. Hence, the renewed Dilemma Game app was launched on 7 July.

The EUR already stimulates conversations about dilemmas in different ways. One tool that was developed for this purpose a few years ago, is the Dilemma Game. It is widely used, both by its own researchers and by other universities. In order to meet the great demand for the game and the need to be able to use it 'anytime, anywhere', Erasmus University launched the renewed Dilemma Game app on the 7th of July.

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Dilemma Game App

Dilemma of the month

Those who download the Dilemma Game app can play it individually, but also with a group. In the new option 'lecture mode' the game can now also be played with large groups, for example during lectures.

Players can select dilemmas by theme and target group. Every month a new dilemma is added. When players enter their preference, they then see how others think about it. They also get to see the vision of an expert on scientific integrity. Finally, they can submit their own dilemma. A review board evaluates all submitted questions and answers and determines which dilemmas are added.

The app has been developed in cooperation with PhD students, (senior) researchers and integrity experts. The Dilemma Game app can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play Store as of July 7.

Essential contribution to duty of care university

Working together on an open research culture is an important condition for the EUR to fulfil its new mission 'Creating positive societal impact'. In the coming years, we will focus on greater connection with and involvement in research (and education) by social partners. In this cooperation, new dilemmas will emerge. Think about sharing research data or equipment, changes in the assignment during research and dilemmas in the field of scientific independence.

The university has a duty to provide a working environment in which good research practices are promoted and safeguarded. One of the aspects of this duty of care is to ensure a research culture in which researchers feel sufficiently comfortable to discuss questions, problems and dilemmas with each other and with their managers or research leaders. The Dilemma Game app strongly contributes to this.

More information

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