Erasmus University Rotterdam pioneers the future of education with the Apple Vision Pro

Cleo Anderson wearing the Apple Vision Pro in the Rotterdam Markthal.
Cleo Anderson wearing the Apple Vision Pro in the University Library at Woudestein campus.

Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) presents a captivating journey into the future with "A Day in the Life of a University Student with the Apple Vision Pro". EUR is one of the very first universities outside of the United States that has secured access to the Apple Vision Pro. In a world-first social experiment, viewers are put in the shoes of a real university student to see the transformative power of Immersive Technology in action - in real life and unscripted.

What is the Apple Vision Pro?

The Apple Vision Pro is a groundbreaking device that combines the digital world with the real world. Think of it as super-smart glasses. When you wear them, you can see digital images and information layered on top of what you see around you. This makes everything feel very real and natural. You can control it with your eyes, hands, and voice, making it intuitive to use. The display is extremely sharp and detailed, making digital content look amazingly lifelike. Plus, you can fully immerse yourself in a virtual reality world whenever you want, experiencing digital environments as if you were actually there. The Apple Vision Pro is currently only available in the US ever since its release in February earlier this year, but Apple recently announced, during their annual WWDC event, that it’s coming to Europe on July 12th (Germany, France and the United Kingdom).

Cleo Anderson wearing the Apple Vision Pro at the market in Rotterdam.

A glimpse into the future

The video follows Cleo Anderson, an EUR Master’s student: from the intimate moments of her morning routine to the bustling energy of the Rotterdam market, campus life, studying, and unwinding at the end of the day. Every aspect of her day is brought to life through the lens of the Apple Vision Pro. "A Day in the Life of a University Student with the Apple Vision Pro" offers viewers a deeply immersive, honest and human-centered experience, and a glimpse into the life of a real student. We for example see Cleo setting up a study environment in the University Library that only she can see, but we also see her enjoy a relaxing meditation session in a fully digital world. This immersive experience highlights the transformative power of the Apple Vision Pro in creating a more engaging and effective (learning) environment.

And then there is the social aspect of wearing such a device all day. How do people react to seeing Cleo wearing the Apple Vision Pro in the wild? What effect does it have on human interaction, when digital layers are in between them, in a world that already is increasingly digital? This video provides viewers of all kinds a glimpse into the future, a world in which sci-fi movies suddenly do not look so fictional anymore.

Exploring Human-Technology Interaction

'We wanted to explore the intersection of technology and human experience in a unique way. By immersing viewers in the everyday life of a student, we hope to spark conversations about the role of Immersive Technologies in shaping education and our future at large. With the rise of devices such as the Apple Vision Pro, social experiments like these help us gain a better understanding of what that future might look like, and how we could prepare for it.'

Simeon van Eijl

Project Lead Immersive Tech at ErasmusX

Experimenting with Immersive Technologies is not new to EUR, who earlier this year opened their Immersive TXperience Lab (a collaboration between ErasmusX and the Erasmus Centre for Data Analytics). This is a place for EUR academics, students, support staff, and practitioners from industry and government to come together and experiment with Immersive Technologies. In our Immersive Xperience Lab we experiment with various VR glasses from different brands.

Cleo Anderson wearing the Apple Vision Pro whilst doing yoga on her balcony.

Not just for tech enthusiasts

The video is not a tech review; it is the honest experience of a real student using technology in their everyday life. It shows how the Apple Vision Pro can impact daily activities, from studying, to socializing and relaxing. This relatable perspective demonstrates the practical benefits and real-world applications of a modern device such as this one, making the story accessible and engaging for everyone, not just those who are tech-savvy. By showcasing genuine interactions and reactions, the video highlights the transformative potential of this innovative technology in a way that anyone can understand and appreciate.

Watch the future unfold
"A Day in the Life of a University Student with the Apple Vision Pro" offers a captivating glimpse into the potential future of education. This initiative promises to capture the imagination of audiences worldwide, illustrating how immersive technology can redefine learning and human interaction.

Cleo Anderson wearing the Apple Vision Pro in the Rotterdamse metro.

A Day in the Life of a Student with the Apple Vision Pro

More information

This event is organised by ErasmusX. ErasmusX is an innovation collective working on the future of education at Erasmus University Rotterdam. Find more information on their website.

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