Erasmus University signs Charter Diversity

On February 8 2018, Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) has signed the Charter Diversity. This way, EUR once again establishes the intention to actively contribute to more diversity and inclusion in the university. The Charter wants to stimulate diversity and inclusion in the workplace and is an initiative by ‘Diversity in bedrijf’. In addition to EUR, on February 8 BP Nederland, Social Economic Council (SER), STudelta, CSU and PageGroup also signed the Charter.

On behalf of EUR, the secretary of the Executive Board Ann O’Brien has signed. Every signer of the Charter Diversity expresses at least one challenge. Under the slogan ‘we all profit from diversity’ the Erasmus University strives for a more inclusive campus. The university not only wants to attract diverse talent, but also would like to enable talent to develop itself.

Within six months after signing, all signers of the Charter should deliver a plan of action. Every year the participants will report about developments, the successful ones and less successful examples. This way EUR, along with 7000 other European signers, contributes to the ‘Diversity in bedrijf’ knowledge platform.

Dancing along at the party
During the meeting prof. dr. Hanneke Takkenberg, Chief Diversity Officer at EUR, stressed that diversity has a great added value to the quality of education and research of Erasmus University Rotterdam. For sustainable change, Takkenberg says, not only diversity is important but also an inclusive culture where everyone can be themselves. “You not only want to be invited to the party, but you also want to be able to dance along”, says Takkenberg.

She imparted the attendees that there is a joint challenge for all signers of the Charter and refered to Lead Your Future, an initiative with the mission to enlarge the chances of a new generation of young females. “We want young women to grow in resilience and strength. That they are in charge and responsible for their own future. For this, they need to get the chance to get in touch with companies and organisations that made a strategic choice for health, diversity and inclusion. Together they will be able to build a successful future.”

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