ESHCC involved in two-year research project on social (in)equality in sport within the COVID19 context

ZonMw has granted the research proposal ‘Social inequality in sport and physical exercise in COVID 19 context. The impact of sport for a resilient society’. Main applicant is Radboud University of Nijmegen (Dr. Remco Hoekman). Mulier Institute – Research centre for sport in society - and Erasmus University Rotterdam are involved as research partners. Dr Jacco van Sterkenburg - department of Media and Communication – is part of the project team and will be involved in the supervision of one of the postdocs in the project.

The aim of this two-year project is to gather, analyze and disseminate academic knowledge on how the COVID19 pandemic impacts on social inequalities in sports participation and an active lifestyle in the Netherlands. Sport and physical activity are often seen as important for citizens within the current COVID19-context. However, not everyone has equal access to sports participation dependent on living conditions, care duties, health, and wider intersecting dimensions of (in)quality related to social class, race and gender, amongst other things. The research will explore effectiveness of policy and (sport) policy communication and lived experiences of the target groups. It will also provide tools to foster equality within sport participation and to communicate recommendations.

The study is one of the 31 research projects that got granted by ZonMw recently to gain more insights in the effects of the COVID19 pandemic on society.  In total the project has been granted 480.000 EUR. The following societal partners are involved in the project - Kenniscentrum Sport en Bewegen, Dutch Olymic Committee NOC*NSF, Vereniging Sport en Gemeenten, GGD Gelderland Zuid, Pharos, Municipality of Nijmegen, Municipality of Utrecht and SportUtrecht.

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