EUR is a member of a European network of universities

Kristel Baele (4e van links) met de andere collegevoorzitters van de EUF-universiteiten

Erasmus University Rotterdam is the first Dutch university to become a member of the European University Foundation (EUF). This network, consisting of twenty universities, aims to speed up the modernisation of higher education in Europe. Diversity and social justice are central themes for the EUF.

Following a presentation by Executive Board Chair Kristel Baele during a meeting in Ghent, Erasmus University was accepted as a new member by the other nineteen members of the EUF. The EUR is the first Dutch university that's allowed to join.

Modernisation higher education

The members of the EUF share the values of diversity and social justice. They have the ambition to be a frontrunner in shaping EU policy with regards to higher education, a passion for promoting European values and a desire to position themselves as leaders in the area of quality student mobility.

On top of that, the network focuses on digital higher education, mobility and the employability of students, and policy innovation. Many of the innovations that were introduced through the new Erasmus + programme in 2014 can be traced back to work done by the EUF. This programme focuses mainly on the idea of studying abroad once per study cycle.

The online system for learning a new language that has been introduced in Europe has also been modelled after the EUF's example. The network works in close collaboration with the European Commission, the European Parliament and the European Investment Bank. President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, was one of the main founders of the network.

Student exchange

The Erasmus University has worked with the EUF since 2016, in the project Online Learning Agreement (OLA). The OLA is a digital tool that makes the preparation of the student exchange more time efficient and easy to manage. Its goal is to reduce paperwork and make it easier for students and staff to apply for an Erasmus + scholarship. The EUR is also a project partner in the OLA + project, which focuses on the development of an 'Erasmus Dashboard' and connecting and integrating various services within the Erasmus + programme.

In response to the successful joint development and implementation of this OLA+ project, the EUR was invited to become an EUF member. As a member of the EUF steering group, the EUR is involved in the development of the new Erasmus + programme, which will start in 2021. It can also be used for education-related themes in Brussels.

Furthermore, the pillars and values of the EUF match those of the EUR very well. Employability and mobility of students and staff, as well as innovation, are very important to our university.

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