Executive Board presents Economics Faculty Association Rotterdam with award

Erasmus University Rotterdam’s Executive Board has presented the Economics Faculty Association (EFR) with the Civilitate Award, a very special recognition awarded by the Board to deserving students every once in a while. At a brief ceremony held on Monday, 29 August, Sebastiaan Frommé, President of EFR’s 53rd board, received the award, a transparent sculpture of Erasmus, from the Rector Magnificus, Prof. Huib Pols.

In front of hundreds of first-year economics students, EFR board members and former EFR board members, the Rector provided the following reasons for presenting EFR with the award: “EFR is a faculty association that has attracted students for over half a century now, thanks to the activities it organises, which focus on students’ studies and careers. An example is EFR’s Business Week, which boasts very notable speakers: cabinet ministers, secretaries of state, presidents of the European Central Bank and the European Commission. Or the Chairmen of the International Olympic Committee, the International Red Cross, and the Secretary-General of NATO, just to name a few people. I have no idea how EFR manages to get these people here, but somehow, it does.”

Prof. Huib Pols closed off his speech by saying, “We, the Executive Board, really appreciate Erasmus School of Economics’ faculty association, which has been presenting itself in such a special way for years now, both within and without the Erasmus University. Every year, new boards prove themselves capable of keeping the activities at the same exceptional level. EFR is a fabulous association, boasting many members and many great achievements. Hats off to all of you!”

Civilitate Award

The name of the Civilitate Award derives from one of Desiderius Erasmus’ works, entitled De civilitate morum puerilium libellus (‘Small Book on Civility in Children’). Erasmus, whose main claim to fame is his bestseller The Praise of Folly, wrote a great deal about education and child-rearing. De civilitate, published in 1530, was a bestseller, too. It was translated into many languages and used as a textbook until well into the 18th century. The Civilitate Award is a transparent sculpture depicting Erasmus. The artist who created it, Ad Haring, was inspired by a print by Albrecht Dürer, a contemporary of Erasmus. A large version of the sculpture, rendered in glass, sits in front of EUR’s E-Building. That work of art was presented to the Executive Board by all EUR student associations in 1998, to commemorate the university’s 85th anniversary.

Economics Faculty Association Rotterdam

One of the key objectives of the Economics Faculty Association Rotterdam (EFR) is helping students shape their careers. EFR’s activities are geared towards helping students get in touch with the public and private sectors. EFR has been highly active in this field since 1964, by organising events and lectures and by granting organisations and companies the opportunity to come and present themselves to students on behalf of EFR.


More information

For more information, please contact Ronald de Groot, Communication Officer at Erasmus School of Economics, at rdegroot@ese.eur.nl or +31 6 5364 1846.