Festive start of the construction of a more sustainable campus

Foto van het MFO gebouw
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Yesterday the official go-ahead was given for the construction of two new buildings on campus: a multifunctional and energy-neutral education building and a modern sports building. A talk show, led by Geert Maarse, offered an insight into what the buildings will look like in the future. Ellen van Schoten (member of the Executive Board) and Alderman Bas Kurvers (housing), among others, discussed the importance of good study and sports facilities.

Viewers saw how a disk from the first wooden pillar symbolically made its way from the forest to the new education building. A group of athletes symbolically marked the kick-off of the construction of the new Sport Center. Ellen van Schoten, member of the Executive Board, emphasized the importance of the new buildings: “We want a pleasant place to study and relax. Also because we see that there is an increasing need for small-scale education and interdisciplinary collaboration.”

Foto van het MFO gebouw
Copyright Paul de Ruiter Architects – Beeld is impressie van de werkelijkheid

A future-proof and sustainable Campus Woudestein

Under the motto 'Building new perspectives', the Executive Board of Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) is investing in a future-proof and sustainable Campus Woudestein. The multifunctional education building will be next to the Polak Building. In addition to various lecture halls and teaching rooms, there will soon be a publicly accessible café, a living room, a quiet center and study places for approximately 3,000 students. According to Alderman Bas Kurvers (housing), the buildings contribute to the appearance of the campus: “When I studied here at the end of the nineties, you went straight home after class. Now the campus has become a fun place to be.”

"It's great that the sustainable transition can look like this"

The designs have strong focus on sustainability. For example, 1,000 solar panels will be installed on the roof of the sports building and an innovative ventilation system makes the new education building completely energy-neutral. In addition, tree trunks from a sustainably managed forest of Staatsbosbeheer are integrated in the education building. Students had a say in the design and argued for plenty of light and large windows. “Super nice and inspiring that the transition to a sustainable economy can look like this”, said Daisy Ruijter, Minister of Education for Inclusion and Sustainable Economics in the student cabinet.

MFO start bouw
New Sports Building 8

Facilities for 50 different sports

Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) will become the owner of the building and the Erasmus Sport Foundation will take care of its exploitation. With this new sports building, Erasmus University wants to further stimulate sports on campus. “Many sports clubs now have to move to halls outside the campus. In the future they will all be able to go here and that will create more liveliness”, said Antoinette Laan-Geselschap, Chairman of the Erasmus Sport Foundation. "The current sports building dates from 1969, so it is not surprising that it no longer meets the needs of our time."

When completed, the new sports building will offer space for approximately 11,000 sports pass holders, 25 associations and will facilitate 50 different sports. With 8,800 m², the building is designed for future demand. There are three competition halls according to NOC*NSF quality mark, two training halls, an extensive fitness facility and a bar. Two years are estimated for construction and it is expected that both buildings can be taken into use in the academic year 2022-2023.

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The building has been designed to be both energy-neutral and climate-proof and will be built using circular construction principles.
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