Films and scholars get together at IFFR

For the fourth time researchers from Erasmus University Rotterdam will make an appearance at the 2016 International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR), which is scheduled to start next Wednesday. Philosopher Tim de Mey is responsible for the ‘Tiger College’ film and lecture, while the Studio Erasmus talk show will focus entirely on films. The successful Erasmus Film Quiz will also form part of the programme. Erasmus University and IFFR have been partners since 2013.

A number of researchers from Erasmus University will be appearing in various programmes for the fourth consecutive time at this year’s edition of IFFR.

Studio Erasmus
The Studio Erasmus academic talk show (in Dutch) is scheduled for Tuesday 2 February and will focus entirely on films. This special IFFR edition includes the following:
• What makes the best kind of trailer? – Ale Smidts, professor of neuromarketing, is able to predict a film’s box office success by carrying out brain scans on people watching trailers
• Why people go on James Bond tours – Stijn Reijnders, professor of cultural heritage, talks about the ‘media tourism’ phenomenon
• How to resuscitate people – Stephanie Klein Nagelvoort, head of Erasmus MC’s Emergency Department and Markus Klimek, anaesthetist, reveal the biggest medical blunders on the silver screen
• What is truth? – Philosopher Tim de Mey discusses potential reality in films

Other speakers include the new festival director Bero Beyer, who will be telling us about IFFR’s creative chaos. And of course there’ll be live music, provided by Oliver Alexander.

Tiger College 
The film ‘Prejudice’ directed by Antoine Cuypers will be preceded by the Tiger College lecture (in English), entitled ‘Prejudices: A philosophical leaflet’ and given by philosopher Tim de Mey on Wednesday 3 February. Mr de Mey is a university lecturer in Theoretical Philosophy specialising in metaphysics and consciousness philosophy. He is the author of Het Voordeel van de Twijfel (The Benefit of the Doubt), which discusses fascinating thought experiments in the tradition of scepticism by using examples from films such as Rear Window and Der Himmel über Berlin.

Film Quiz
Besides these scholars, members of the public will also have a chance to display their own knowledge during the Erasmus Film Quiz on Monday 1 February. Which team knows the most about films?

About the partnership
The partnership between Erasmus University Rotterdam and IFFR has succeeded in forging links between the film world and the academic world. Executive Board president Kristel Baele says: “We feel it’s very important to work with partners that are connected with culture. This can be seen in the new Rotterdam Arts & Science Lab’s collaboration with Codarts and Willem de Kooning Academy. And our partnership with IFFR is a perfect example of knowledge sharing on an inspiring international platform. It also gives our students a chance to get to know the films and the festival. That’s the main reason why I’m very much looking forward to this year’s edition - and of course, I’m a regular visitor to IFFR as well.”

You can find all details on the SG Erasmus and IFFR websites.


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