First CLI Fellowships completed successfully

Dr. Gijs Elshout (Erasmus MC) implemented new weblectures and webinars in the Bachelor’s programme of Medicine. Dr. Delia Dumitrica (ESHCC) built an online application for education in qualitative methods that is transferable to other Schools.

Blended Leaning in Qualitative Data Analysis - Improving Student Knowledge and Skills

Dr. Delia Dumitrica recognized that undergraduate students often struggle with qualitative methodology courses. The sheer amount of information they have to assimilate over a relatively short period of time can leave them feel unprepared for the practical aspects of data analysis. To address this issue, six digital modules were integrated with the lecture and the tutorial. This project sought to develop and assess the integration of the blended-education modules in CM2006. The modules covered the following methods of qualitative data analysis:

  1. Rhetorical analysis
  2. Semiotic analysis
  3. Narrative analysis
  4. Constructivist Grounded Theory
  5. Thematic analysis
  6. Discourse analysis

Each module combined in-house readings with expert videos and hands-on analysis, which were uploaded in the CM2006 Canvas course environment. A vast majority of students perceived the modules as effective, enjoyable, and useful in terms of their own level of preparedness. If you would like to using some of these modules in your own courses on Canvas, please email your request to Dr. Dumitrica (

New weblectures and webinars in the Bachelor’s programme of Medicine

Dr. Gijs Elshout implemented new weblectures and webinars in the Bachelor’s programme of Medicine. The webinars discussed clinical cases with medical specialists and general practitioners, in order to teach medical students the different approaches of the various doctors and their considerations in these approaches.

The weblectures helped about 400 medicine students to prepare for an important examination at the end of their first bachelor year. This examination required them to integrate their gained knowledge. Dr. Gijs Elshout hopes to reach approximately 1200 students in the future. He also gained valuable experience in organising webinars through the EUR-studio. Students greatly appreciated the webinars, especially the interactive way of communication.

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