First student cabinet of the Netherlands is a fact

Long-term plans based on science. That, in a nutshell, is the alternative coalition agreement of the 1st 'student cabinet' which is appropriately titled 'Ready for the Future'. With the cabinet, the students want to raise awareness for the importance of science for the future. The student cabinet has fourteen ministers, one from each university affiliated with VSNU, each with their own policy theme with a sustainable plan for the future of the Netherlands.

The student cabinet wants to help solve long-term issues such as the choices needed for a healthy and sustainable life in the future. These issues cannot be solved within four years but they do have an impact on tomorrow's world. The student government is already thinking explicitly about the question: What will our country look like in 50 years? 

"The corona crisis has exposed two uncomfortable truths."

Daisy Ruyter
Student Minister Duurzaamheid

EUR Student Minister

Daisy Ruyter, a student at Erasmus School of Law, represents Erasmus University in the Student Cabinet. "The corona crisis has exposed two uncomfortable truths. We are less resilient than we had hoped. The crisis is having a major impact on our economy, society and development goals. One year after the outbreak, we still do not have this pandemic under control. Secondly, the crisis disproportionately impacts certain groups in our society such as low-income families, women and young workers. These two uncomfortable truths also apply to the climate crisis."


Research on leadership roles shows that mentoring is an effective way to eliminate underrepresentation. A mentor teaches people to turn insights into concrete results. Universities are examining underrepresentation and looking at solutions for it. Continuous impact measurement keeps science engaged and brings together potential, resources and knowledge. Projects like the Resilient Delta Initiative and Right 2 Challenge inspire and provide the resilience we need to get out of this double crisis because the climate crisis affects us all.

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