Five years of collaboration between IFFR and Erasmus

For the fifth time researchers from Erasmus University Rotterdam will make an appearance at the 2017 edition of International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR), which starts Wednesday 25 January.Furthermore, the Erasmus University will organise 5 different activities before and during the festival. 

Media scientist Etienne Augé will provide the Tiger College of the movie ‘The Future of Work and Death’, while the Studio Erasmus talk show will focus on film tourism, film psychiatrists and black movies. Moreover, the successful Erasmus Film Quiz will also be part of the programme. The Erasmus University is official partner of IFFR since 2013.

During the next edition of IFFR, a number of researchers from Erasmus University will be appearing in various programmes of SG Erasmus for the fifth time in a row.  Prior to the festival, film nights will be organised on the campus. On these evenings, students and employees can watch some special films against a discount price.

Filmspecial on campus: Tanna

Wednesday 18 January, students and employees are invited to watch the movie 'Tanna' on campus. The movie starts at 20.00 in the Erasmus Paviljon.

Studio Erasmus
The Studio Erasmus academic talk show takes place on Tuesday 31 January and will be all about films. This special IFFR edition is spoken English and includes the following:

  • What are Game of Thrones-fans looking for in Dubrovnik? – Culture scientist Abby Waysdorf about media tourism and why we want to see movie locations with our own eyes.
  • How realistic is the film psychiatrist? – Professor Steven Kushner about the (in)credibility of Tony Soprano and the degree of realism of One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest (and the excessive consequences of this perception).
  • Why don’t white people like black movies (and the other way around)? – Short college about race and cultural segregation by cultural sociologist Julian Schaap (following on the Black Rebels programme).

Furthermore, there will be live music by Arthur & Sebastiaan, who will bring to you their self-willed interpretation of classical soundtracks.

Tiger College
Researcher dr. Etienne Augé gives an introduction on the film ‘The Future of Work and Death’, concerning the growth of exponential technology and where it is taking us. Augé is senior lecturer in international communication at the Erasmus School of History, Culture and Communication. He teaches intercultural communication, public diplomacy, film studies and science fiction.

Film Quiz
Besides these scholars, members of the public will also have a chance to display their own knowledge during the Erasmus Film Quiz on Monday 30 January. Which team knows the most about films?

Erasmus @ IFFR Film Night

On the 2th of february students and staff will be able to watch one of the best movies of the festival during a special screening for students and employees of our university. 

About the partnership
This year, the Erasmus University Rotterdam and IFFR combine film with science for the fifth time.  Executive Board president Kristel Baele: “This year we celebrate five years of collaboration with this inspiring festival. I’m very proud of the fact that the university is official partner. As a loyal visitor of the IFFR I’m looking forward to the upcoming festival”.

More information

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