'The gap between rich and poor children is widening with distance education'

Kind achter computer thuis

According to EUR sociologist Iliass el Hadioui, distance education will widen the gap between rich and poor children. While children from highly educated parents will continue to learn, the development of children from socially weaker backgrounds risks stagnating, causing the gap to widen. How can we reduce this gap?

Ilias el Hadioui MSc, Wetenschappelijk docent

Iliass el Hadioui, sociologist and lecturer at Erasmus University Rotterdam, mentions several reasons for this growing gap in an article in the AD. First of all, it appears that children from socially weaker families have fewer opportunities for development outside school hours. In addition, following home education is difficult for this group because they more often do not have a computer, or there is no room at home for a quiet place to study. In addition, an emotional aspect also plays a role: these children often have less confidence in themselves. 

According to el Hadioui, the solution has to take all these aspects into account: 'A lot will have to be repaired. In addition to overtaking lessons, attention must be paid to the emotional aspect so that children start believing in their own abilities again'.

Iliass el Hadioui MSc
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