Good, better, best! About optimization in public transport

On Friday November 18, 2016 dr. Dennis Huisman will publicly accept his appointment as endowed professor of Public Transport Optimization at Erasmus School of Economics, on behalf of the Vereniging Trustfonds EUR. His inaugural lecture is: Good, better, best! About optimization in public transport.

The last decades, optimization has been successfully applied for tactical and operational planning problems in public transport. The main objective was cost reduction. This goal will also be important in the years to come. In his lecture, Huisman will then also discuss how to find the “best” planning. Another important area in the coming years will be the improvement of the passenger’s service. In particular, improving the reliability of travelling by train will be discussed. Delays are after all one of the big annoyances of the traveler. By using “good” optimization, public transport can also be made “better” in this aspect.

About Dennis Huisman
Dennis Huisman studied Econometrics & Management Science at Erasmus School of Economics. After successfully finishing his studies in 1999, a doctoral thesis followed up, dealing with vehicle and crew scheduling. In 2004, he received a PhD for this research – once again by Erasmus University Rotterdam. Since that time, he works in two part-time positions at Erasmus School of Economics and NS. Within NS, Huisman focuses on a variety of logistics subjects – from strategic to operational – including NS and ProRail’s Be- en Bijsturing van de Toekomst. In 2008, Huisman was one of the members of the NS team presented with the prestigious Franz Edelman Award. The Franz Edelman Award has also been referred to as the ‘Super Bowl of Operations Research’.

More information

The ceremony will start promptly at 4 pm in the Aula, Erasmus building, Burgemeester Oudlaan 50 in Rotterdam. The reception will take place at 4.45 PM in the same building.

For more information, please contact Ronald de Groot, Communications Officer at Erasmus School of Economics:, mobile phone: +31 6 53641 846.