Grant for equal opportunities projects

Students from Erasmus School of Law (ESL) and Erasmus MC's Diversity and Inclusion working group have received funding for the Students-4-Students (S4S) campaign from ECHO. ESL's MyFuture project is intended to discover what motivates students. The theme of diversity and inclusion will also be introduced in ESL's bachelor's programmes. Erasmus MC will provide a platform for students on diversity and inclusion.

In the S4S campaign both students and professionals in higher education are challenged to develop initiatives that contribute to the creation of inclusive education and equal opportunities for all students. In the S4S campaign 'support' for students, by students is central.

My Future
MyFuture is a program set up by students and for students that aims to discover what motivates students. The program contributes to professional development by creating an academic community where older generations share knowledge and experience with future generations. This is done with a buddy system.

In the bachelor

MyFuture wants to introduce the theme of diversity and inclusion in the bachelor phases of all Erasmus School of Law programmes. Among other things by offering a course and online assignments during the first year, ending with a debate. The assignments contain various statements about diversity and inclusion. This encourages the student to think actively about the subject. The acquisition of legal skills is incorporated in this. This theme is continued during the second year by means of workshops. Minors who focus on the theme must be offered in the minors on offer during the third year. This serves as a deepening and will build on the knowledge that has been gained in previous years.

Erasmus MC

At Erasmus MC, the idea of the Working Group on Diversity and Inclusion was honored for a platform where students are empowered and stimulated to participate, and where students are trained and inspired with regard to diversity and inclusion. By doing so, they want to give students knowledge of, among other things, epidemiological differences and differences in treatment effects between different ethnic groups. In addition, they want to stimulate attitude formation of students within line education and have more dialogue in order to reflect on mutual differences. Finally, they want to promote the importance of the theme of diversity and inclusion, together with the study programme and students.

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