Heating homes with heat from water is the future

Organisatie Green Deal Aquathermie

Professor Victor Bekkers, Dean of the Erasmus School of Social and Behavioral Sciences and leading Dean of the Erasmus Initiative Vital Cities and Citizens (VCC), has signed the Green Deal Aquathermy on behalf of Erasmus University Rotterdam. With the Green Deal, a broad coalition wants to map out the possibilities for aquathermy, mainly thermal energy from water. Aquathermy is one of the sustainable options for heating and cooling houses and buildings.

Governance of the energy transition

VCC is a party in favor of the Green Deal that contributes to the energy transition within sustainable cities in cooperation with governments, companies and knowledge institutions, which is an important theme within VCC. VCC is mainly involved because of the governance questions that aquathermy brings: Who owns the water and the heat, and who is responsible for this? How can aquathermy be achieved with support from users and local residents? And what kind of arrangements can you arrange to realize aquathermy in collaboration between public, private, social and knowledge? The Green Deal Aquathermy is one of the ways in which Erasmus University works on the governance of the energy transition.


Jitske van Popering-Verkerk

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