Highest point new sports centre reached

Eric Fecken

By placing the eaves on a height of 21,5 metres, the highest point of the building is reached; a milestone that was celebrated on November 10th, together with Ellen van Schoten, vice chair of the Executive Board, and the builders.

The new sports centre, that will be put into use in 2022, takes shape and is sustainable, energy-neutral and partly circular.

Unique and sustainable building

The building perfectly fits in the sustainability goals of our university. The light and transparent design contains recycled materials (such as an old sports floor from a sports complex and ceiling parts from an old youth prison) and a lot of green (a courtyard garden, a tree and green walls with a special irrigation system).

Eric Fecken

The design was created in a special way: first, the sports services were determined, and after that, the building was built around it in a dialogue. The new sports centre is unique because several sports halls are stacked onto each other and the dimensions of the spans are particularly big. Notable is also that a few halls are approved for high-performance sports.

Ellen van Schoten addressed the builders, thanked them and emphasized how well the project is progressing. Challenges like shortages of materials and people are anticipated on in advance and everyone is working very hard. Everyone will be able to see and use the building themselves from the start of academic year 2022-2023.

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