Highly sustainable Langeveld Building opened on Woudestein campus

One of the most sustainable education buildings in the Netherlands
Langeveld Building - Students studying
Langeveld Building - Opening
Eric Fecken

With the theme 'Building the future', Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) festively opened the new Langeveld Building on Thursday 10 November 2022. This multifunctional education building is one of the most sustainable education buildings in the Netherlands.

A characteristic feature of the Langeveld Building is the green study environment and the wooden tree house in the atrium. By bringing nature inside, the university is creating an environment that contributes to the well-being and health of students and teachers. "The new building is part of the Campus in Development programme, which was introduced several years ago to create a place where it is nice to study, work and relax. With the modernisation of our education, there is a need for additional teaching space that can be flexibly adapted to the way education is taught," said Ellen van Schoten, vice-president of the Executive Board.

A roundtable discussion led by presenter, and EUR alumnus, Talitha Muusse discussed various topics. Besides Van Schoten, Eric Moleman (director of BAM Bouw en Techniek), Prof. Jan Rotmans and Prof. Liesbeth Noordegraaf also joined the discussion. They shed their light on topics such as innovation, renewal in education, sustainability and the future. Paul de Ruiter, architect of the building, told more about the unique powered-by-nature ventilation system and biophilic design.

Langeveld building - Ellen van Schoten Ribbon
Eric Fecken
Students on the stairs of Langeveld Building
Eric Fecken
Langeveld Building - Students walking
Eric Fecken

Built for the next generation

The sustainability ambitions of this project are high. For instance, the building generates its own energy, has an innovative ventilation system that uses 85% less energy than a traditional ventilation system, is climate-proof and can be used flexibly for all forms of future education. The design also reflects green and natural elements and uses recycled materials as much as possible. This has resulted in a BREEAM-outstanding certification. Only less than 1% of buildings in the Netherlands have this top qualification according to the world's leading sustainability assessment method.

Henny Langeveld
Jan in 't Veld

Namesake new education building

All buildings and squares on Campus Woudestein are named after people who have had a direct connection with the university. Langeveld Building is named after Professor of Emancipation Issues Hendrika Maria Langeveld (1926-2004).

Semiha DenktaƟ, Chief Diversity Officer: "I think it is fantastic that the new building is named after Henny Langeveld, and an important and beautiful form of representation. Henny Langeveld was our very first female professor, in 1969, and a role model for many. I am delighted that, after 53 years, we are able to highlight her as a role model with this new building."

Langeveld building

More information

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