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The sustainability ambition for the construction of the new multipurpose educational building (MFO II) is high: an educational building that earns the qualification 'outstanding' in the BREEAM category 'new construction'.

In July 2021, the design of MFO II was assessed by an independent assessor with a score of 88.6% (according to the classification 'New Building and Renovation Design Certificate BREEAM-NL'). This makes MFO II the second most sustainable educational building in the Netherlands when it comes to sustainable building performance and it belongs to the top 5 of the most sustainable newly built educational buildings in the Netherlands.

What is BREEAM?

BREEAM is the world's leading sustainability assessment method for buildings, among other things. BREEAM assesses building performance on the basis of a wide range of credits, ranging from energy, management and waste to health, materials and water. To achieve the 'outstanding' rating, building performance must be assessed with a score of 85% or higher. Only less than 1% of the building stock in the Netherlands has this top qualification.

Qualification and requirements

Erasmus University focuses on four sustainability themes: health, energy, circularity and an integrated approach. With the construction of MFO II, Erasmus University wants to achieve appealing achievements in these areas. In order to achieve this, all parties must play top sport. From client and advisors to architect and contractor. In order to make the sustainability of MFO II tangible and measurable, 'BREEAM-NL New Building' is already being used as an assessment instrument in the tendering phase, and the qualification 'outstanding' is the norm.

"What a wonderful score for this new building on our campus. It's interesting to see that such a certificate also encourages improvement! This makes certification a useful tool for increasing sustainability."

Mariecke van der Glas

Programme manager Sustainability

Silver, on the way to gold

Erasmus University is pleased with the interim BREEAM rating of 88.6% for the design of MFO II. Only the Atlas Building of the TU Eindhoven from 2019 has a better score. During the completion phase, every effort will be made to further improve the result. Our ambition is to score at least 90% and we will challenge our construction partners to contribute to this. Perhaps we can still score extra innovation credits with the 'Powered by Nature' ventilation concept. In 2022, after completion, we will really know whether we have succeeded in our mission to make this building a positive contribution to a sustainable and future-proof Woudestein Campus.

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Multipurpose educational building

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The building has been designed to be both energy-neutral and climate-proof and will be built using circular construction principles.
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