How to recognize a lie?

Lecture by dr. Sophie van der Zee

Lying. Not everyone will admit it, but we all do it sometimes. For example, the lie you tell that one friend when she asks if her new shirt looks good on her. Or think of the lie you tell to cancel that one appointment you would rather skip. But when someone sees trough the lie, you feel a lot of shame. Is lying part of human nature? What role does body language play when you tell a lie? And how can you recognize a lie?

In this lecture dr. Sophie van der Zee tells us all about lying. In her research, she uses various technologies to recognize dishonest behaviour. Do we sweat more when we lie? Or do we fidget a lot with our hands? Is a detective better at recognizing a lie because he or she regularly deals with liars? Are there also tools to detect lying in written language? And who do we lie to the most? In the lecture How to recognize a lie? you will find out the answers to these questions and Sophie van der Zee will take you through a thought experiment.

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Lecture - How to recognize a lie?

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Asking students about lying

Dr. Sophie van der Zee is associate professor of applied economics at the Erasmus School of Economics and originally a legal psychologist. She is specialized in recognizing and preventing lying and dishonest behaviour and therefore she developed a method with a motion caption suit.
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