Inaugural lecture by Olivier Marie on Friday 25 October 2019

On Friday 25 October 2019 Dr Olivier Marie will publicly accept his appointment as Professor of Labour Economics at Erasmus School of Economics. The title of his inaugural lecture is 'Homo Econo-Delictus? Incentives and Rational Crime'.

The field of economics of crime was formally born with Becker’s thoerisation that an individual’s criminal participation could be modelled as most other economic decision making process. Fifty years later, we now have a substantial amount of evidence on the veracity (or not) of the rational crime model via empical testing of its assumptions using real world data and policies. Marie will discuss how his work over the past decade has contributed to our knowledge about the ‘Homo Econo-Delictus’.

Over the last 10 years, Olivier Marie has focused on three main research projects. He has studied the link between education and criminal decision making of youths as part of his Marie Curie Intra European Fellowship. He has also investigated labour market and crime dynamics in the context of his NWO Veni grant. He is now focusing on the potential for crime reduction over an individual’s like cycle in the context of an NWO Vidi grant which he obtained in 2018.

Olivier Marie’s research has led to a number of publications in the most influential generalist peer reviewed economics journals, in 2017 in both the Journal of Political Economy and the Review of Economic Studies. In 2018, he was ranked among the top 40 economists (#23) in the Netherlands. His research also receives a lot of attention in non-academic circles, for instance, in news outlets like The Economist, The Washington Post, The Guardian, BBC, The Wall Street Journal, The Daily Telegraph and Bild Zeitung.

About Olivier Marie

Olivier Marie (1976) holds a Master’s degree from the London School of Economics (LSE). In 2010 he obtained his PhD from Royal Holloway University of London (RHUL). He is Professor of Applied Labour Economics at the Research Centre for Education and the Labour Market (ROA) at Maastricht University (0.2 FTE), a Research Fellow of the Tinbergen Institute and of the Institute of Labor Economics (IZA), a Research Associate of the Centre for Economic Performance (CEP) at LSE and a Research Network Affiliate of the CEPR in London and of the CESifo Group in Munich.

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The ceremony will start promptly at 16:00 in the Auditorium, situated in Erasmus building, Burgemeester Oudlaan 50 in Rotterdam. The reception will take place afterwards in the Erasmus Pavilion.

For more information, please contact Ronald de Groot, Communications Officer at Erasmus School of Economics:, mobile phone: +31 6 53641 846.