Information for Bachelor-2 and -3 students

If you are a bachelor-2 student or a student who is still finishing courses from bachelor-2, please read the following information carefully.


If you want to study abroad during bachelor-3, you have to apply during bachelor-2. The application deadline will be in January. Applicants have to meet the following criteria:

  • Bachelor-1 completed
  • At least 20 credits of bachelor-2 completed
  • For destinations outside of Europe: a GPA of 7.0 or higher

More information can be found on this website.


The Erasmus School of Economics provides you with an opportunity to complete an internship in the third year of your bachelor programme. An internship can be brought in instead of the minor or in your free elective space. You need to arrange an internship yourself. This means that you will need to start looking for an internship during bachelor-2 already. Inform yourself in time, via this website.

Major seminar

The major is an important part of bachelor-3. The major seminar will take place in block 4. The application deadline will be in January of the year you will be following the seminar. When applying you will need to have finished all bachelor-1 and -2 courses. So start planning your study well in advance, to make sure you have finished your bachelor-2 courses in time.

Bachelor thesis

You can only write your thesis if you have completely finished bachelor-1 and -2. The thesis needs to be completed by the end of block 5 of bachelor-3 in order to be able to apply for a master programme.

Admission to the master’s programme

You will need to have finished your bachelor programme completely before you can be admitted to the master programme of your choice. Any delay in bachelor-2 or -3 can imply that you will not be allowed into a master programme and can therefore cause a delay of a year.

Study planning

If you have questions about this message, or if you need help planning your studies, you can contact a study adviser.

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