The Involve Research Project goes to Kenya!

A group of 20 economic students are going to do research for the EFR Involve Research Project in Kenia from 25 July until 14 August.

The Economic Faculty association Rotterdam (EFR) organises a yearly research project aiming to resolve relevant, current problems in developing nations. Their goal is to invest our student’s academic knowledge and skills in a project that contributes to economic independence and sustainability in developing countries and to get students involved in real life socio-economic situations.

This year the Involve team is once again starting a new project for which it has partnered with the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW). IFAW has been working since 1969 with the primary goal of living in a world where animals are respected and protected. Click here to find more information about IFAW.

Research in Amboseli Parc

The main topic of research consists of investigating the possibility for sustainable land development in the region of the Amboseli National Park in Southern Kenya. The goal of the project is to develop ways in which local Maasai communities can prosper and progress without harming the ecosystem, primarily elephants. The research provided by the Involve team, besides supporting local Maasai communities, could help IFAW in bringing across important messages regarding elephant protection in Kenya in the form of hard data and credible recommendations to parties involved. The current situation in the area is one where large corporations are buying up land that is essential for the migratory paths of elephant populations. These corporations exploit the natural resources of the area, merely looking to maximize short-term returns, while completely ignoring the long-term damage that is being done on the ecosystem. The Involve team believes they can offer local landowners alternatives that provide them with sustainable, long-term income sources that allow them to be fully independent.

The Involve team participated in various projects in Africa, ranging from desk and field research concerning water wells in Cameroon to a project looking into Ghanaian electricity networks. Most recently, the Involve team performed extensive research on youth unemployment in Uganda and investigated the possibility of improvements in the educational system.

More information

For more information about the EFR Involve Research Project, click here. For this project the EFR is looking for Bachelor-3 or masterstudents. The deadline for applying is Sunday 1 March. An information drink will be held in Café de Smitse on February 12 at 5pm.

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