ISS alumnus Dr. Adriano Nuvunga presentation on Mozambique's current political, economic and financial situation

ISS alumnus Dr. Adriano Nuvunga delivered an important speech at the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs

ISS alumnus Dr. Adriano Nuvunga from Mozambique gave a crucial lecture at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in The Hague on 19 July 2016. On the invitation of the ministry’s Africa-desk he presented an impressive analysis of the current political, economic and financial situation in his country for an audience of policy makers of the ministry, including the new Secretary-General Mrs. Joke Brandt, representatives of developmental and civil society organisations in The Netherlands and representatives of Dutch academia. Considering the vacation period in The Netherlands the attendance was overwhelming, which is proof of the Dutch interest in Mozambique as well as of Dr. Nuvunga’s scholarly reputation.

Adriano Nuvunga made a profound impression with his balanced analysis of the economic, financial and debt crisis in Mozambique. On the one hand the Mozambican political system was not spared the criticism, on the other hand he called upon the Dutch government and his audience to resume its development cooperation with Mozambique – now suspended because of a number of embezzlements – in order to contribute to a way out of the economic crisis to the benefit of the Mozambican people.

The plenary discussion that followed the lecture first focused on pluralism and civil liberties in Mozambique. Subsequently, it was discussed at length in which ways Dutch development cooperation could be meaningfully resumed. Dr. Nuvunga made a plea for a turn towards support of local productive investments in small and medium enterprises and smallholders agriculture. Such a support should be organized through a decentralized approach, in order to develop local productive potentials which have been neglected far too long.

The ISS seized the opportunity of Adriano Nuvunga’s presence in The Hague to discuss his continued collaboration with the institute. At the request of deputy-rector for research affairs professor Wil Hout and David Wubs-Mrozewicz, Adinda Ceelen and former rector Leo de Haan discussed Adriano’s views on and potential participation in a number of new ISS research initiatives in Mozambique.