Jour fixe – learning from and with each other

Jour fixe

“Spending time together” is one of the straight-forward design principles of AI-MAPS. A component to institutionalise this, is our weekly (hybrid) “jour fixe”. We started with getting to know each other by presentations of all four PhDs, their dreams, interests, and ambitions for their work within AI-MAPS. In a next step we explored the links between the different PhD projects and tried to jointly define our focus and boundaries. What does AI mean to us? What Public Safety? How do different disciplines see these concepts? Where is overlap, where the differences?

We also use the jour fixe to prepare our field visits or to reflect on literature or news reports. Currently we are focusing on preparing our first use case, namely protests as an example of “crowds and events”. We reflect together on our research questions and methodology. A core element of our ELSA lab is engagement within our research field. This means, we are inviting partners to develop and specify the research questions and methodology together with us. We have conversations with private developers of AI technology, with municipality and police professionals. We also visit protester workshops and do field visits and aim to extend our private, public or societal network to understand the different voices, concerns and perspectives when it comes to the deployment of AI in crowds and events.

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