Karlijn van Vlerken obtains NWO PhD in the Humanities grant

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Portrait Karlijn van Vlerken

The Dutch Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) has awarded a PhD in the Humanities grant to Karlijn van Vlerken. In her phenomenological research, she will focus on peripartum psychosis.

The Dutch Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) has awarded two PhD in the Humanities grants to the Erasmus University Rotterdam. The grants are awarded to Erasmus School of History Culture and Communication and Erasmus School of Philosophy. The aim of the PhD in the Humanities funding instrument is to provide research talent with the opportunity to carry out an independent four-year PhD project. Only 20 of the 41 applicants in PhDs in the Humanities call were awarded in this year's round.

The NWO committee was impressed by the scientific importance of the proposed project and Van Vlerken’ s enthusiasm and motivation for this subject.

In her project ‘Peripartum psychosis: an inquiry into subjective experience’ Van Vlerken will collaborate with Erasmus Medical Center. The project aims to enhance our understanding of peripartum psychosis, utilizing the philosophical perspective of phenomenology. Through philosophical analysis of existing literature and qualitative research involving women who have experienced this condition, this project seeks to uncover the essential characteristics of peripartum psychosis. The primary objective is to explore better ways of understanding peripartum psychosis and contribute to improved recognition and treatment strategies.

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