Marli Huijer calls for broad corona debate this summer at Op1

In the broadcast, the professor of public philosophy called for a broad social corona debate to be held this summer in order to be well prepared for the reopening of society. According to her, in addition to medical practitioners, many more disciplines should be included in this debate, but above all it is important to involve the population more.

According to Marli Huijer, "What does the corona policy mean for the quality of life?" is a question that has remained strongly underexposed during the pandemic. In her view, the focus was too much on controlling the virus from a medical perspective, with too little consideration for the impact on society and the economy. She would therefore have liked to see many more disciplines, such as sociologists and educationalists, back in the Outbreak Management Team (OMT).

Conduct the debate

Huijer also thinks it is important to actively conduct the debate this summer and not to take stock only after the crisis has passed. "Let us prepare ourselves well this summer,' she said in the broadcast. "It is important that all parties take part, scientists, civil society organisations, as well as medics, but above all by involving the population much more."

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Watch the clip from Op1 here (in Dutch)

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