Movie night and Iftar dinner: ‘’every bite takes you home and brings up good memories’’

On 31 May the Diversity & Inclusion Office organised a movie night and Iftar dinner.

The Iftar traditionally takes place after a day of fasting in the month of Ramadan. Around 70 people dined together in the Erasmus Sports Centre after sunset. The EUR Sustainable Food Lab put together a vegetarian 4-course dinner. Before the food was served, those present watched the film ‘Ali, The Goat and Ibrahim’, a comedy provided by the Arab Film Festival Rotterdam 

Most of the attendees were students from different cultural backgrounds who were thankful for this initiative. Ramadan for them is harder without their family and friends. By coming together for the movie and Iftar at the EUR they felt welcome and a little bit more at home and as one of the students referred ‘’every bite takes you home and brings up good memories’’.
It was a great and inspirational evening with delicious food, great conversations and beautiful Ramadan wishes (see the photo) 

This initiative was intended for Muslims and non-Muslims, students and employees. By organising the Iftar dinner, the Diversity & Inclusion Office wants to contribute to a greater understanding and awareness of each other’s background and celebrate these differences.

More information

You find the D&I Office in the Erasmus Building next to the aula, in room AB-47.