The Netherlands: be prepared for (Taliban) terrorism

The Taliban have rapidly taken control in Afghanistan. Europe and the United States were overwhelmed by the developments and do not seem to have an answer for this new issue. Sohail Wahedi, Assistant Professor at the Department of Sociology, Theory and Methodology of Erasmus School of law, pleas in an opinion piece in the NRC together with Paul Cliteur, former senator and Professor at Leiden University, for a realistic foreign policy and warns for a new wave of terror, facilitated by the Taliban. 

According to Wahedi and Cliteur, Western political leaders do not seem to understand the nature of the Taliban. The theocracy that has emerged is the result of the sudden ending of the international peace mission. Wahedi and Cliteur expect the Taliban regime to open Afghanistan's border for terrorist organisations like IS and Al Qaida. These organisations are consequently able to prepare terrorist attacks against Western countries and the values that are contrary to the Taliban's beliefs.

‘Taliban light’ 

Wahedi and Cliteur stress the importance of a realistic policy: "the foreign policy of The Netherlands and Europe should be based on realism, not idealism or good intentions." According to them, a realistic policy should be built on two pillars. Firstly, they see no good in negotiating because the theocratical values of the Taliban are not compatible with the democratic ideals and values of the West. Secondly, countries should prepare for terrorist activities originating from Afghanistan. Understanding the nature of the terrorism that makes up the biggest threat to national security is critical. "Those who think that the Taliban have come to their senses and that we are dealing with 'Taliban-light' will be disappointed.", say Wahedi and Cliteur.

Assistant professor

Sohail Wahedi, Assistant Professor at the Department of Sociology, Theory and Methodology

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Click here for the entire opinion piece by NRC (Dutch).

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