New Diversity & Inclusion Office

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Arie Kers

The festive opening of the new Diversity & Inclusion Office took place on Wednesday, 30 May.

The office was opened by Rector Magnificus Prof. Huib Pols, who over the last few years has been committed to the development of a diverse and inclusive university. He brought about a significant shift in the way diversity was approached at the university; he didn’t see it as a problem, he focused on the positives and added value, says Hanneke Takkenberg, Chief Diversity Officer at Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Pop in for a visit!
The new office is located in the Erasmus Building next to the aula, in room AB-47, and is more visible than ever at this unique location. Students and employees are therefore more than welcome to share their ideas with the D&I Office or to simply drop by for a chat about diversity and inclusion.

The office is committed to tackling various aspects of diversity and inclusion at our university, namely:

  • creating an inclusive educational experience for all students;
  • attracting, retaining and developing a diverse workforce;
  • integrating and embedding diversity in our research practices.

The opening was celebrated with snacks and drinks. The D&I Office also presented the rector with a nice gift as a thank you for all his work, since he is stepping down from the position of Rector Magnificus of Erasmus University due to retirement.

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