New exhibition: Acquisitions Special Collections

Besides current books for education, research and leisure, the University Library and the Rotterdamsch Leeskabinet also collect books that supplement and support the existing collections. These, often older, editions are included in the Special Collections. A selection of last year's acquisitions is now on show in the University Library display cases. 

The acquisitions are divided into six topics, of which Economics is the most extensive. The UL collected several rare sources for the study of the history of economics. One showcase is entirely dedicated to De Anti-Poliep, an extraordinary Dutch magazine from the 1930s, which contested the power of multinationals.

The thinkers Erasmus, Pierre Bayle and John Locke, all three with special ties to Rotterdam, also receive ample attention. Among other publications by Erasmus, we show illustrated editions of his most accessible work The Praise of Folly

John Locke's famous publication An Essay Concerning Human Understanding was part of a large collection of works by and on the English philosopher that was gifted to the Rotterdamsch Leeskabinet recently. 

Publications from and about Suriname complete the exhibition: with a small selection from the collection of Surinamese poetry and a new artist's book by Michelle Piergoelam. 

The exhibition in the showcases of the University Library will be on display until mid-May 2024.

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