New at Food Plaza: Mozza’s Mediterranean comfort food!

Mozza, the brand new restaurant in Erasmus Food Plaza opens on January 16. At Mozza you can get fresh comfort food with a Mediterranean touch. The menu features pizza slices, pastas, gözleme and kumpir, all for a student friendly price. Owner Meryem tells us a bit more about the idea behind Mozza. 

25 years of experience

Mozza owners Meryem and Saban have enjoyed working in the hospitality business for 25 years and owned several restaurants in the Rotterdam area. Meryem started her first business in Delfshaven when she was just 21 years old and fresh out of catering school.

Now, next to their existing restaurant near the coast, they also run Mozza on campus. Meryem: "We looked at several locations and this one appealed to us the most. There’s such a nice atmosphere here on campus and we enjoy being able to work with students." Meryem and Saban like to pass on their knowledge and experience to the next generation as well; Mozza is a recognized training company with internship possibilities.

There’s such a nice atmosphere here on campus


Owner Mozza

A fresh start

What first strikes you when you walk into Mozza is the crisp design in black and white, pink, and wood. The interior was styled by Meryem: "I like styling, so I do all of that myself. Everything is new, the furniture and bar, the TV screens, the walls and the kitchen appliances. We’ve also had special neon letters made with our logo".

Nice to know: At Mozza, you can get a stamp card. When your card is full, you can turn it in for a free pizza slice!

Mediterranean food

How they came up with the name Mozza? Meryem can be brief about that: "We just felt like the name fitted well with the crisp and cheerful look of the restaurant and the Mediterranean food. We serve pizza slices, pasta, kumpir and gözleme, for example. Much of our menu is vegetarian; we like to cook with vegetables because they are so tasty and healthy!".

When Mozza opens on January 16, you are welcome to drop by and get a sample of the gözleme.

More information

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