A New Method of Transport Project Appraisal

IHS staff and students constantly conduct research on various core topics for IHS. Urban infrastructure is a main pillar in our activity, which also reflects in the research outputs, such as this joint research effort between IHS and FSW. 

Somesh Sharma, IHS expert in Environment and Sustainable Development Planning and Professor Harry Geerlings from FSW are collaborating in an ongoing research on sustainable urban mobility. 

Together, they designed a new methodology for transport project appraisal, named "Sustainability Benefits Assessment in Urban Transport Project Appraisal (SBA-UT)". This tool is essential in complex decision making processes, as it helps comparing and prioritizing various options. This outcome has been already released in the international community and published in the peer reviewed book "Smart and Sustainable Planning for Cities and Regions", also indexed in Scopus.

The topic will be advanced in forthcoming papers and long term, the research is meant to contribute to a set of tools that can help urban professionals on the way to reaching the SDGs.

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