North Korea: A Country Behind Closed Doors

Geopolitical Lecture by prof. Remco Breuker

Nuclear tests and threats, reports of executions and labour campus, and strict rules about what is and is not allowed within its borders. North Korea continues to make international headlines. Despite intermittent radio silence, the country remains a force to be reckoned with. Kim Jong-Un’s strategy does seem idiosyncratic at times, bouncing between threats and rapprochement. It makes you wonder: how is it possible that Kim Jong-Un is still in power? What is North Korea’s geopolitical strategy?

In the past years, North Korea has been in the news quite often. Especially the landmark summit between former President Trump and Kim received much attention in 2018. Has anything come of these meetings? What is life in North Korea like nowadays? In this lecture, professor Remco Breuker tells us all about North Korea’s geopolitical strategy; and what we know about living in the most isolated country in the world.

A County Behind Closed Doors (livestream)


Professor Remco Breuker

Remco Breuker is Professor and Chair of Korean Studies at Leiden University. In his research he looks beyond the framing of North Korea as our dictatorial enemy. He studies the country’s language and history in order to improve our understanding of North Korea, but foremost its people, also those outside of the borders of the North Korean state.

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