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For several years now, the University Library (UB) has provided students, lecturers and researchers with a wide range of services and products. One example of this is the development of 70 e-modules on information skills topics. The University Library also manages a comprehensive and diverse collection of information sources, primarily in digital form. Information skills are those competencies that you need to make effective use of search tools and academic information sources. Once you have mastered these you can call yourself information literate. Information literacy is an essential academic skill that all researchers, lecturers and students require.

The University Library has developed a portfolio of 70 information skills topics to help students, lecturers and researchers become information literate. The UB also facilitates rapid access to relevant sources for each specialist field(Guides per discipline). The Library’s Guides page ( optimal access to both, making them not only publicly accessible to learners but also to instructors seeking learning resources to include in Canvas LMS.

Information skills portfolio

Students can work through the Library’s e-modules to strengthen their information skills.For any Canvas course there is a suitable information skills topic. You’ll soon discover that it’s easy to include a set of skills topics, a single topic or a content item from a topic in a module in your Canvas course. You can also expect that:

  1. Students become able to search and assess information more effectively and efficiently, and as a result will produce better papers.
  2. Students will be able to work more independently, because the library’s e-modules provide a point of reference for using and processing scholarly information.

Add information skills topics to your Canvas course and enhance your students’ information literacy. Taking this simple step is an easy way for you to contribute to a positive study experience. And this will definitely make checking assignments much more interesting for you! How do you add a skills topic? For more information visit

Guides per discipline

The Guides per discipline provide your students with a quick and convenient way to find and select the right databases, journals, background information. Add a guide to your Canvas course with an LTI tool. Which tool is that? Visit more information.

Information skills e-modules also publicly available

In addition to being effectively integrated in a Canvas course at point of need, all skills topics are published online at that they remain accessible to students after the Canvas course has ended. 

Information & training sessions

Together with CLI / RISBO, arrangements have been made to make instruction on the Learning Resources Repository and Library Guides (Information Skills + Guides per discipline) a standard component of the general Canvas training sessions. The UB also provides information & training sessions at the request of lecturers / faculties.


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