Our colours of inclusion at EUR

Today is Purple Friday across The Netherlands, a day to focus on the LGBTQ+ members of our communities and to reiterate fundamental principles that no one should fear rejection or prejudice based on who they are or whom they love.

This year's festivities also coincide with the publication of a 'Purple Manifesto', that outlines five principle steps to promote LGBTQ+ inclusive policies within education and academia.  We at EUR endorse these principles wholeheartedly and see them as reinforcing our Erasmian values and our commitment to ensuring an inclusive and supportive culture at EUR for all. In following these steps we will continue to support our LGBTQ+ community at EUR in several ways:


Through our overall focus on social safety at EUR, and subsequently by giving specific focus on the issues facing our LGBTQ+ community.


By continuing to talk with LGBTQ+ people within our community about their experiences at EUR, what barriers they face, and by providing a platform for all gender and sexual minorities to be heard.


By taking every step to show that we are there for our LGBTQ members of our community and that EUR continues to take every step to make our environment more inclusive. 


Through acknowledging the unique experiences of our LGBTQ members within our community, as individuals of diverse cultures, faiths, and backgrounds, and by providing specific advice and support that recognises this also.


By embedding inclusivity within our student organisations and staff and through encouraging greater collaboration and solidarity overall.

Action matters.

As we are proud of saying; we at EUR do not believe in exceptions to acceptance. But we know that aspiration alone does not make this an unquestioned reality for LGBTQ of our community. Action matters! That is why we are focused on developing policy that embeds inclusion in all parts of our institution. To link our communities' in-depth knowledge and wide enthusiasm with our research, our curricula, and our structural initiatives such as Diversity and Inclusion.

Today, we are immensely proud to have the colour purple stand alongside our famous green. But we will continue at EUR to every day have equity and decency stand alongside knowledge and achievement.

Stay safe.

The Executive Board:
Ed Brinksma
Rutger Engels

Chief Diversity Officer
Semiha Denktaş

More information

You can find out more information about our LBGTQ+ student network, Erasmus Pride on their webpages.

For more information about EUR initiatives regarding inclusion please consult the Diversity & Inclusion pages and to get involved within your faculty please contact your faculty diversity officer.

If unfortunately, you have faced or witnessed unacceptable behaviour or you wish to receive support, please consult these pages regarding confidential counsellors and our complaints proceedure.

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