The Power of Alignment 2013

We’d like to draw your attention to the second Annual S-ray Seminar that is due for next December 11: The Power of Alignment 2013. What is strategic alignment, why is it so relevant for economic performance, how to make it hands-on in practice, and how to improve it?

Practical experiences will be shared by chief executives from Unilever, ProRail and FIOD|Belastingdienst, companies where S-ray Diagnostics facilitated strategic alignment improvement projects in 2013. Three totally different branches, three totally different companies, and three totally different executive roles; however one connecting challenge: strategy and alignment. In what way food, rail and fiscal investigation turn out to be highly similar in this matter: you’ll learn on December 11, 2013.

S-ray Diagnostics is a knowledge company of Erasmus University Rotterdam and is in particular linked to Erasmus School of Economics through its Technology Director, Prof. Patrick Groenen. This link brings along the scientific obligation to disclose practically applied and newly developed knowledge to the public. Since this is a vital part of knowledge valorization. Like in 2012, we will therefore close the year 2013 with our seminar too.

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