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An immersive workshop series to empower ecological change
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Dangerous heatwaves, widespread wildfires, frequent and heavy rainfall and more intense weather events. Erasmus University Rotterdam has declared a climate and environmental urgency. Thus, human-induced climate change has our attention. Do you ever wonder what to do as an individual or with a team to be of most help in these challenging times? The Climate & Ecological Literacy to Action Workshop is for each of us to find our way in answering the vital question ‘what can I do?’ Now is our time to act.

During five (two-hour) sessions in November terms, tools, resources, and action steps for high-impact carbon emission reductions are offered for participant examination and testing. The pilot workshop will take place online 2 – 30 November, (every Thursday 17:30-19:30). Do you understand greenhouse gas emissions and the carbon cycle? Do you know how to mitigate carbon emissions? Do you understand the benefit of carbon sinks? Are you unsure why biodiversity and harmonious ecosystems matter? Did you know you have the power as an individual and collectively, with others to activate necessary transitions? This workshop unpacks and provides participants positive choices and the spark for action.

A wealth of understanding

The EUR Sustainability Program is a supporter of this immersion workshop series.
It is regarded as a companion piece alongside the work the academic community is currently engaged with programme curriculum updates.

This workshop is endorsed by the Erasmus Sustainability Liaison Network and facilitated by 5 instructors from different EUR schools. They offer a wealth of understanding based on research and teaching on these topics to guide you through self-discovery. Authorized core elements designed by the United Nations PRME Working Group: Climate Change & the Environment are included. Support is provided by the Positive Change Initiative of Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University and the Erasmus Sustainability Program. Previous knowledge of climate change education or ecology is not needed to participate in this workshop.

Joey Johannsen, project lead, says, "We are in a race against time and need to take action steps alongside our daily commitments. Many people feel helpless or paralyzed and therefore turn a blind eye to the emerging catastrophe, instead of taking action. This workshop provides insight and high-impact approaches to carbon emission reductions, biodiversity support and ecosystem harmonization. You will design a realistic and actionable plan with a team in your area of expertise. It’s both learning and doing.”


Certification is available – for a nominal processing fee – to participants who desire to demonstrate their understanding of a high-impact personal change and group action by submitting a proposal. This application process will be explained and assisted in the workshop.

Are you interested?

Registration for EUR employees and students closes on 27 October. Register now to reserve your place for all 5 sessions. Register now!


The Design Impact Transition (DIT) platform creates infrastructures for transformative academic work at Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR). If you want to learn more about similar initiatives organised by the Design Impact Transition Platform, or if you would like to get involved in transforming education and academia, please send an email to  

More information

The pilot workshop will take place online 2 – 30 November, (every Thursday 17:30-19:30)
For more information contact Joey Johannsen, Climate & Ecological Literacy to Action Project Lead at

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