Rutger Engels starts tour of 40 research groups

Michelle Muus

What are the important issues among researchers? What can be improved at the university? How does education connect to research? And how do we create more impact from research? Such questions are being asked in the open discussions between Rector Magnificus Rutger Engels and 40 Erasmus University research groups. The first visit took place on Friday 18 January; a visit to Erasmus MC’s molecular genetics research group. 

Rutger Engels already visited all faculties and institutes following his appointment. But to really get to know researchers and understand what is important to them, he will be visiting 40 research groups throughout the university.

These visits will not have a strict formal agenda; rather, they will be open discussions in which anything can be tabled. What does such a research group do? How can the university help in this? With which issues are they confronted? Of course this also concerns education, as research and education are inextricably linked. And, how do researchers view developments within and outside Erasmus University? This open discussion is being conducted with a huge range of researchers, from professors to PhD students.

For Rutger Engels, this tour is an excellent opportunity to connect with the academic community; to understand what issues are relevant for them. This will enable improvements or modifications to be made, or for matters to be raised in The Hague or Brussels, for instance.

The tour will in any event run until the start of next year. Quite a number of visits have already been scheduled, but interested parties can still register (the aim is to ensure a good distribution across the faculties). You can register via 

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