She raised 470 euros for the Erasmus Charity Run. You can still register!

You can still register for the Erasmus Charity Run on 7 April. Join us: run a quarter (10.5 km) or the whole Rotterdam marathon (42.195 km) for charity. This year, the Charity Run is raising money to ensure that students from other parts of the world who couldn't otherwise afford it can study here. Participant Gerda de Rave has already raised 470 euros: "I've got loyal sponsors, as well as new people, who all want to support the Scholarship Fund."

Gerda de Rave is a secretary at EHERO, the Erasmus Happiness Economics Research Organisation. On 7 April 2019, she'll be running a quarter marathon, 10.55 km. De Rave has already raised 470 euros. And that's even more than last year, when she raised 450 euros. 

How have you managed to raise such a lot of money?
"I've got loyal sponsors, as well as new people, who all want to support the Scholarship Fund.
And I always support my friends who do sports for charity. Some friends have been on the Roparun for years, which is something I support. Other friends spin for Kika. One friend recently went to Lesbos to help make life a bit happier for the people in the camps. We help each other, and that way we support the charities that are important to us."

Why do you enjoy taking part in the Rotterdam marathon like this?
"After my football and tennis career, I've taken part in runs in Rotterdam for many years. I must have run in Rotterdam about thirty times. This year, my boyfriend's running the whole marathon for the twenty-fourth time. I've been running for this charity since the university started organising the Charity Run. It's great fun to see so many Erasmus shirts around the course."

"It's great fun to see so many Erasmus shirts around the course"

Gerda de Rave, Charity Run participant

How do you prepare for 7 April? 
"I've been running about three or four times a week for years. My route is always between 9 and 11 kilometres. So I'm pretty fit. Personally, I don't worry about nutrition beforehand, but my boyfriend always wants to eat pancakes on the evening before the marathon, so obviously I join him."

Have you set yourself a goal?
"This year I hope to raise 500 euros, but I'm delighted with what I've already got. My dream time is getting increasingly difficult to achieve because I'm getting older. I hope to be back on the Coolsingel in under an hour.
What makes me happy on the day itself is the moment when everyone has passed the finish line healthy. After my own run, I wait for friends who've done the whole marathon. That's always exciting. We then go and have a beer and 'bitterballen' on Stadhuisplein."

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By participating in the Erasmus Charity Run, you’ll be giving students from all over the world an opportunity to study at Erasmus University Rotterdam. Together, we contribute by giving our time and energy to raising money for as many student scholarships as we can. 

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